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Days 3-6

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The next few days we just chilled at home, hung out with the kids and recovered from our jetlag. Here's a few random photos of our time so far in Sakskøbing.


Sakskøbing is a small tow but oh so pretty. Maj lives a short stroll away from the station and main town centre. There is also lots of water around which makes for amazing photos and views. It has been a lovely start to our European adventure and we both have enjoyed chilling out. We have a few busy days coming up and are looking forward to spending time with Pedro and Fred on Friday when we visit Nykøbing.

Stay tuned for our next blog post.

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Pedro arrives

Day 5

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So besides chilling out in Sakskøbing and catching up with Kris' family, we were both very much looking forward to the arrival of Pedro (Kris' nephew) and his girlfriend Fred.

All day we plotted how we were going to best surprise him - It was decided it would happen in the camper Van (where we were living). Kris' dad left to pick them up from the train station and that meant it was go time for the 3 K's - Kris, Kayla and Kimberly. We headed to the camper and waited for Pedro to arrive. We were all very excited and couldn't wait to see his face. Kris taught Kimmy and Kayla how to play poker while we waited. After several false alarms, we heard a car pull up in the drive way which meant it was all systems go. The video started recording ...

It was brilliant and Pedro got the shock of his life, we think he was a bit disappointed that he and Fred didn't get the camper all to themselves though, but successful all the same.

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The BIG Surprise

Day 2

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So the day was finally here for the big surprise! We were both very excited and were counting down the minutes to make our way to Maj's house. We had breakfast in the hotel which was sensational, and Kayla made lots of random friends - old people love her! We ate some delicious pastries, crepes and fresh food and were ready for the busy day ahead.

After breakfast we hiked back to our hotel room, which was on the other side of the building, and finished packing. Kris decided to do a room tour and show you all our beautiful view from our room - It was truely magical!!

To the train station we went, with our cases in one hand and cameras in the other. We decided to ask someone about tickets, and after standing in line for ages we decided that it would have been quicker to do it ourselves. We continued to stand in line and finally got our tickets to Sakskøbing.


Off we went to platform 5 and on the train we got. The train trip was a long one and very, very hot! The Danes truely know how to work the heat in trains, it was very obvious that we were tourists, as we stripped off our layers and were sitting in t-shirts still boiling hot, while everyone else wore jackets, scarves and coats.


After what seemed like ages, 2 trains and a bus ride away, we finally arrived at Sakskøbing station and google mapped how to get to Maj's from the station!

We followed the map. The town was pretty and we were very excited to finally be in the same place as Kris' sister. On we went following the random roads with street names that we couldn't pronounce. We managed to find our way to the street and the video below says the rest ...

It was a very eventful day and definitely worth the 8 month secret. Maj's face was priceless and it will be something that we all remember for a lifetime.
Next up ... Time to shock The rest of the family.

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Arriving in Copenhagen

Day 1

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"When we land it will be a lovely 7 degrees!" Freezing we both thought! We were very excited to be landing in Copenhagen after a long flight (that actually went quite quickly)

We got through customs and to the baggage claim with ease - our bags arrived and didn't get lost which was an ever better feeling!

Next it was time to find the train station to catch the train into Copenhagen Grand Central Station. Lucky the ticket machine could be switched to English or we probably would still be there staring at the machine trying to work out the Danish words. It was actually very easy and we managed to find the train and station with no problems. The train came and a lady popped out and said something in Danish about the train - she was scary and Kris didn't like speaking to her! We found our seats ... Well not 'our' seats but seats with no people in them. We couldn't read Danish but could work out that they were reserved - nethertheless we didn't move and didnt get asked to move. Next came the best part of the trains here ... The WHISTLE!! Kayla loved it and yes, Kris thought She was ridiculous! We didn't have many stops until our station and just enjoyed the view - we were both stuffed.


When we arrived we were greeted by the site of bicycles as far as the eye could see ... We had never seen so many bikes in all our lives!!


Kris managed to find out where our hotel was ... It was sooooo far away - in the next street!! Lol We arrived at The Grand Hotel in Copenhagen greeted by a welcoming Dane and a lovely reception area. We weren't able to check in at that moment, but we didn't press the matter and didn't really mind having to go out and explore the city! Hard lives we had!

We got a map, had our camera in hand, sprayed deodorant and decided what direction to go.


After exploring Copenhagen we found our way to Nyhavn. Wow!! We were so excited to see the colourful buildings, they are truely picturesque. The photos speak for themselves!

Next, it was time to go and see The Little Mermaid - about time!! Again, we were so excited to see it and we got to see some beautiful old buildings along the way.

We then arrived at the Gefion Fountain ... The story is pretty amazing so please make sure you all Google it. The fountain is pretty amazing too!

Down by the water we went following the tourist buses full of people and the masses of people. All we felt was pure excitement. This was a dream of Kayla's.

It was everything we dreamed and we were surprised how easy it was to get a photo! After our photos, we were freezing and all we wanted was coffee to warm us up. Conveniently a coffee cart opened up. We bought our coffee and continued walking and exploring the city.

As we walked through the gardens we spotted gorgeous flowers and buildings that you need to see to believe.

Kayla did also spot a massive hill and all she could think was - "How amazing would this hill be to roll down?!" Kris insisted that she would fall into the water, but she was convinced that she needed to try. Lucky Kayla couldn't find out where to go!

Being the inquisitive souls that we are, we spotted a huge green roof down the road and had to know what it was. Needless to say we went in that direction and explored the huge building - the Marmor Kirken!

We headed to the Copenhagen Museum next, but could only think about Danish pastries. We decided to go and find the bakery that we passed earlier that day. We just wanted was to eat a Danish in Denmark! Her dreams came true - thanks Kris!

We were stuffed! The museum was very interesting but our feet ached, our eyes were red and we needed to sit down. So we decided to take our chances and head back to our hotel to see if we could check in. The nice man at the desk said our room was ready - showers here we come!!

After a few hours of rest, a nice, hot shower and time to catch up on all the Twitter and Facebook news, we made a plan of attack and decided to head out, have dinner and go to Tivoli.

We found a restaurant near Tivoli, only a short stroll away from our hotel. It was a steak and salad bar type place with homemade drinks and big barrels in the middle of the restaurant. Dinner was very eventful - we had no idea how to order, but luckily enough for us the menu was also in English! We were given a card where we had to fill out your own order and the waiter would collect it and give it to the chef. We deciphered the menu and ordered an amazing steak dinner - it was exactly what we needed after eating nothing but aeroplane meals for the past day.

After dinner on to Tivoli we went ... Pictures say a thousand words

It was different to what Kayla thought, but it had just rained so everything looked so green and fresh! We lasted a couple of hours but we were exhausted from our busy day and decided to have an early night, ready for our exciting day ahead ... The BIG Surprise!!

We loved Copenhagen and we think it is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lives! It really is an underrated city in Europe!

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Not long now!

54 days to be exact!!

Today we booked our trains (gee wiz they're expensive!) and finalised all our plans! It's very real now - like for cereal ... WE ARE GOING ... eek. 😳 Can't wait!👌 I kinda just wish we were on the ✈️ now.

So, Kris' niece is competing in her Acro Championship the weekend we arrive (agree - could only happen to us), and for those who don't know - this whole trip is a super surprise for Kris' sister's big 4-0 birthday! Do you know how hard it's been keeping it hush hush and off Facey?! I'm impressed with myself. Because of that, today we booked our first nights accommodation, a change to the original plans but exciting all the same, in Copenhagen. Staying at the Grand Hotel which looks nice. It's kinda out of the city centre but Kris assures me Copenhagen is tiny and constantly reminds me of how it fits into Tassie - if you're interested Google tells me it's 88.something Km in area! Wowzers 😁 I'm hoping the shower is decent tho - that's all I care about after being on that plane. It's awesome because we get to explore a little and see some of the sites. Tivoli ... Here I come! We will head to Kris' family's house the next day - Sunday 10th for the big surprise - wooooo!

Well that's all the news I have for now ... For me it's off to do one of the million tasks I have left to do before our big departure!

Stay awesome 😄

Kris and Kayla

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Excitement ...

all seasons in one day

Hey everyone,

This is our first blog post which will be short and sweet!

Today we feel pure excitement ... although Kris feels tiredness! We have finally booked everything (except 2 trains) for our next European Adventure.

I am very excited as everything is paid for and now organised. All that's left is buying the dreaded toiletries and packing!!

Tune into our adventures as we travel the world ... well some of the world!

Love to all.

Kris and Kayla

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